Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Mississauga

If you’re about to have a cartilage surgery around your knee, ankle, elbow, wrist or shoulder, you should be aware that you’ll likely need a lengthy recovery period. While your surgery itself may have taken mere hours, the post-surgery rehabilitation process can vary anywhere from a few months to a year depending upon several factors. At the European Massage and Physiotherapy Centre in Mississauga Post-surgery rehabilitation is the post-surgical program of restoring your joint(s) motion, the muscle strength around your joint(s) and the functionality of your joint(s). No matter what type of surgery you’ve undergone, European Massage and Physiotherapy Center is proud to offer our patients effective post-surgery rehabilitation in Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation is a Progressive Process

Please keep in mind that post-surgery rehabilitation in Mississauga will require your total commitment and that it’s a progressive activity, meaning your recovery won’t happen overnight. You can’t just rest and wait to recover, nor can you immediately resume your normal daily activities. You’ll be required to stimulate your affected limb(s) and/or joint(s) while undergoing the rehabilitation process. This can be accomplished best through doing the right exercises at the right times, keeping in mind that you need to balance these exercises so you’re not doing too much or too little to place unnecessary stress on your body. The level of intensity for your exercises will also progressively become more challenging, as your cartilage tissues mature and recover. Your physiotherapist will customize a one-on-one exercise program to help you restore your body’s mobility and flexibility.