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Four Questions to Ask Your Physiotherapist Before You Decide to Have a Knee Replacement

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Having a knee replacement surgery is a huge decision. The potential relief you will experience afterward is a powerful incentive, but there are always risks and costs associated with surgery. The best way to make a decision is first to be as informed as possible on the subject. Here are four questions you should ask your physiotherapist before you make any decisions.

  1. What type of surgery is right for me?

    There isn’t one magical solution to any knee problem. Rather, there is always a range of potential options, each with its own benefits and risks. Ask your physiotherapist if there are any alternatives to surgery that you should attempt first. Is your knee bad enough to need replacement? What are the risks associated with surgery? What are the risks associated with not having the surgery or putting it off?
  2. What should I expect from surgery?

    If you decide surgery is the best option for you, what is actually involved in the process? Will you have to follow a special diet or exercise regimen beforehand? What, exactly, will the surgeon do? What kind of anaesthetic will be used and does it have any risks? What kind of results should you realistically expect from the surgery?
  3. What are the possible complications?

    Every surgery has risks specific to it. Be sure to ask your doctors what the risks are for the procedure, for any prosthesis you may use, and any medicine you will be given.
  4. What will the recovery period involve?

    As with any surgery, there may be a significant and potentially difficult recovery period afterward. Will you have to do any therapy, and what would that involve? Will you have to take any medicines for any period of time? How long will you have to remain in the hospital? What is the average time to regain normal movement after this procedure or surgery?

Undergoing surgery involves far more than just an operation. It also involves the stress and effort you put in before, during, and after. Be sure you have a team of doctors that have your best interests in mind. If you’re looking into physiotherapy clinics in the Mississauga area, give European Massage and Physiotherapy Center a call. Our goal is to provide the highest quality physiotherapy services at prices that you can afford, and we’ve been doing it since 1996. We offer knee pain treatment, and related physiotherapy, massage therapy, and a host of other services to everyone in the Mississauga area. To learn more about how we can help you with your physiotherapy, contact us today.

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