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Monday, 23 July 2018 05:32

Why Do I Have Back Pain?

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Back pain occurs for many reasons. Many times, the lifestyle choices we make directly impact the alignment of the spinal column, the function of muscles, and the aches and pains we have. Everyday lower back pain can occur for reasons such as the following.

  1. You're Sitting Too Much at Work

    Many adverse effects on the body can occur from sitting at your desk for too long. Most common are neck, back, shoulders pain and chronic headaches. To get the right balance, its recommended sitting 20 minutes out of every half hour at work, standing for eight minutes and moving around for at least two minutes. Could your type of job be causing your lower back pain? Prolonged sitting, such as in front of a computer for long periods of time, is a common cause of lower back pain. A lack of movement and proper flexing of those muscles can cause significant pain over time. When you are sitting too much, some complications can develop. For example, you are not getting the exercise your muscles need to keep working in optimal ways. That job can also impact your overall health. It can lead to intense amounts of stress. Over time, it can lead to a poor diet that causes you to put on weight. You may even be so stressed you are smoking. For all of these reasons, those sitting jobs are generally a cause of pain. 

  2. Core Muscle Instability 

    The muscles in your midsection are critical. They help to provide you with proper posture. They allow you to bend and twist properly. When these muscles do not get enough movement and exercise, they weaken. This means all of your core strength is gone. You feel it as you try to move with lower back pain, aches and pains, and limited movement. Improving core muscle stability often improves overall back pain. 

  3. Poor Posture 

    Poor posture leads to stiffness and pain. Improving ergonomics of your workstation, strengthening core muscle and simple activity, like 30 min. daily walking can improve your posture. Poor posture is not just about sitting up straight, though that is a component of it. It is also about walking properly with your shoulders squared and head held up. When you do this, your spinal column remains in alignment. With every step, your body moves in a manner it is supposed to. This eliminates some of the most common causes of pain. Poor posture is evident in a number of ways. First, if you have poor work ergonomics, no matter if you are sitting or standing, this can create problems. Poor sitting techniques, such as slouching over or otherwise not keeping the spinal column straight, leads to weakened muscles. And, properly lifting objects, with the legs, not the back, all contribute to the pain you may feel. 

  4. Accidents

    Another common cause of lower back pain is less due to the way you purposefully move and more focused on those accidental occurrences. For example, you may be in a motor vehicle accident – especially an accident in which you are hit from behind. When this happens, the force sends the body (including the neck and head) violently forward and backward. This strains the muscles in the back and creates pain. Accidents and injuries are common causes of low back pain. If you are experiencing pain in your neck or back after a car accident, getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Accidents can occur in other locations as well. Injuries due to sports activities, whether from a soccer ball hitting you or a tackle in a game of football, creates potential misalignment of the spinal column. This can also damage the ligaments, tendons, and muscles along the body's joints. Any type of inflammation or damage to the muscles or spinal column can create constant pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, it is important to determine what is the most likely cause of it. From there, it is possible to find a treatment option that helps you to reduce your pain and prevents it from occurring again. 

  5. Flat Feet

    Flat feet can cause misalignment with the ankle, which can cause misalignment in the knee joint. That can affect your hips, which also affects the way you walk. That affects the spine, especially your lower back, causing back pain. Flat feet can be easily treated with orthotics. In addition, orthotics help improve overall body posture and may help with knee pain and lower back pain.

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